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Honey and Boris

You go girl! Yes there's nothing worse than a vague lack of purpose! One must fill one's day with lots of purposefulness - for us, that includes napping, eating, and walking all over Ellen, both literally and figuratively. Yes, we live very meaningful lives! And pretty soon it will be all the more meaningful as we live off our record earnings and hang out by pools in LA.


You have further inspired me. I have created three critterknitter blankets, but came upon a vague lack of purpose. Now, after your inspiring rap, I have "stopped my wheedlin'" and started another. Soon they will be with Liz to add to the 23 she has as of yesterday. Thanks, Honey and Boris!!

Honey and Boris

Thanks to everyone who sent comments/emails on our Kitty Wrap Rap. We have just signed a recording contract and are on our way to LA. We'll see you at the Grammy Awards!


That is funkaliciously awesome! Thanks so much for the shout out on this project. All the homeless critters appreciate.

Honey and Boris

Yo Sister -
Happy to help. Always ready to support a good cause!


Oh my gosh! The kitty rap was the best start to my day that I've had in a long time! Thank you, Honey and Boris!

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