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You will be "on my list" the next time we excape Texas and get to Maine. Woot!


Thank you so much for hosting the shoot! I had a lot of fun, and next time I'm in the area (or, you know, within *two* hours instead of four), I'll stop by again. :)


Ohhh, I'm so sorry to have missed the big event! (Thanks to in-laws arriving early!)...looks like you had an awesome time!


We had a great time! Thanks for hosting the wonderful event. I'm glad we showed up early because it was looking very frat-party-like when we left. It was wonderful to meet you and thank Paul for being a great host also!


We all had a grand time! And thanks for the link to James' blog. His mom subbed for my kiddo, and his ex SIL used to live next door to me, AND they all know the neighbor 2 doors down, who I know as Barb, but they know as Missy. Thanks again for hosting such a good time.


I'm happy the photoshoot went so well. Trust me when I say that I wish I had been there. I found my little something from Franklin posted @ eye level when I got home from work - it was great. My husband was a bit mystified.
Again, I wish I'd been there to join in on the fun.

James in Washington (& Maine)

Woo Hoo! It was a perfect part of a holiday celebration up here in Maine. Thanks so much for hosting!

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